Images-Bigger & Better

Images have always been important to use on your website and social media, but in 2015, images will take center stage. It is now more important than ever to make sure you attach an image to just about everything. Additionally, the image should be excellent quality and the bigger it is, the better.

Internet users are now accustomed to seeing images that capture their attention almost everywhere on the web, particularly on social media websites. An image will immediately let people know what your post or website is all about. If you are designing a website or creating social media profiles, then big and bold images need to be a focus of your strategy in 2015.

Flat Design Becoming More Popular

Flat web design has now taken hold and becoming used more and more. By all indicators, this trend will become a fundamental part of web design in 2015. There are still some drawbacks and arguments over using flat design, but the overall opinion of many experienced designers is very positive.

Flat design helps websites stay efficient and uncluttered, allowing a site to deliver and load pages quickly. Particularly sites that use content that is heavily image-based or video-based, page loading times become critical. Using any advantage available to remove some of the workload on the site and deliver content more efficiently is crucial. Flat design will be in the spotlight for 2015.