Practically every business profiled on the Internet knows that Facebook is the number one social networking site on the world wide web. Marketers and web developers know that Twitter is catching up to Facebook in the number of users. But did you know that Facebook is losing users almost as quickly as new markets open and why they are deserting this platform? Better yet, do you know how to exploit Twitter to take advantage of Facebook’s worry about Google+?
It’s true. Facebook opened its e-doors to users in the United States and Canada before any other country in the world. These Internet-savvy North Americans immediately jumped on the bandwagon, and Facebook use exploded.

Then Facebook programmed spiders to read users’ messages and Wall posts and comments. Facebook started selling “targeted advertising,” much like Google’s Pay-Per-Click program, to businesses. The software scans for particular keywords and phrases and places “relevant” ads on those pages, much the same way Facebook itself places Friends suggestions based on friends of friends.
Facebook users dislike this invasion of privacy. There is no opt-out function available. Facebook users close their accounts and look elsewhere.

Add to that exodus, Facebook is eyebrow-deep in worry about Google+, currently in beta testing. The response to beta testers’ invitations to join the beta test, Google had to discontinue the invitation process after only one day: They were overloaded with responses in the tsunami response to get an account.

Nothing Facebook has used or has acquired recently even slowed that flood to Google+.
Just think what’s going to happen when Google+ is live.
Yes, while there is still a significant number of Facebook users, you should maintain a presence there. But reading the ad copy on the Walls, marketers, expand your social network marketing efforts to cover all bases and close all gaps. Twitter, the next in line for succession of reign, is tweeting its way to the throne room, and businesses are beginning to fine tune their quick marketing tweets. Don’t be left behind. Get your tweets in order and grab your market share.

Time your tweets. If your target market is another business, tweet during their business hours. If your target market is the individual consumer, time your tweets to their lunch hours, after work and just after their evening meal. Work across time zones if you offer national service or are branding.
Always, always, always include a URL to a direct-load page on your website. Use a shortened URL if necessary. WordPress provides it in their Edit Post dashboard, and sites like and also provide provide permanent shortened URLs. You can reuse those versions, but rephrase your tweets—you don’t need a paid account!

Follow anyone and everyone related to your business. Follow their followers and create lists for highly targeted messages. Answer tweets; retweet those your business finds interesting. Be personable but what potentially offending tweets—always be PC in your messages.
Use social network management programs like Tweetdeck or SocNet research tools like Backtype and Topsy.
Take every opportunity to improve, widen and broaden your social network presence on every social network site available. Time is money, and wasting either is a business sin. Get to where your customers are—and will be in the future.

Article written by Sara Woods from Coupon Croc, the number one resource for businesses who are looking for an Argos discount code to save on the newest electronics, office supplies and more.